Illegal Synthetic Drug


Bliss is an illegal synthetic drug. Its distribution is apparently focused on Newcastle colony. The drug is known for its extremely intense high that has an almost orgasmic signature, although it doesn’t last that long. The drug is moderately addictive at first, with minimal degenerative qualities. Over time, though, the addiction intensifies as do the degenerative qualities. A bliss addict could go unnoticed for five, even ten years then completely collapse over the course of a year or two.


The bliss drug cartel was apparently run from Eridani Orbital Station 12 by Luke Foster. Foster had a planetary distribution headed by Omar Booker. Puerta de Oeste distribution was managed by Steven Handley. Distribution in Port Town and Old City was handled by Luis Calderon. Calderon was killed by a prostitute (case awaiting trial). Foster was arrested by a special MCU task force headed by Captain O’Meara.


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