TJ Michaels

Fugitive genie--smart, telepath (pusher), computer expert.


Tozias Jarl “TJ” Michaels—also known as Kasima, Zephyr (his main hacking ID), and other aliases—is a brilliant genie, a top-flight computer hacker, and a telepath who can “push” both humans and computers.


TJ Michaels was born the only child of Brent and Lucy Michaels, although born might be stretching the term. Although recognized as a technological savant Lucy struggled with autism, and afraid that his child might bear the same weakness Brent Michaels went to ADMP for help. What they presented him with was a child of his DNA who bore his mother’s tech prowess without her autistic handicap. Like any gift though there was a price to pay. To begin with, although the boy’s mind was sound physically he was weak, more prone to sickness and disease than a normal child might be. The second, and far greater cost though, was that after his sixth birthday the boy was to become the sole property of ADMP, theirs to train and use as they saw fit. With this stipulation hanging over his head the boy grew up with one strict rule: he could use his skill with computers freely, but no one should ever know that the test tube child ADMP had created was born with not only technological prowess but psychic ability as well. Try as he might however it was only a year after TJ was turned over to ADMP that the company realized just what an asset they had acquired.

The next ten years of TJ’s life were spent learning and honing his mental abilities. His days were spent cracking code and writing programs for the company, his nights focused on seeing just how far he could dip into the recesses of the human mind. ADMP wanted the perfect corporate spy; someone they could plant at another corporation who could steal information while covering his tracks. TJ’s poor health seemed to make him perfect for the job; people generally dismissed him as harmless because of his weaker body and quiet nature. What the corporate suits hadn’t counted on was the fact that TJ himself had no desire to be their puppet. Although the company treated him well TJ always knew that to them he was nothing more than a tool, a weapon to be shot at their competitors when it suited them. TJ wanted more out of life though; he wanted to explore and learn on his terms and not the company’s. And so for two years he plotted his escape, planting bugs in the system and delicately altering the memories of those around him. In their eyes he became weaker, quieter, someone who needed to be taken care of but could otherwise be ignored. Harmless. And so it came as a great shock when the teen decided to get some fresh air… and never came back. For the past three years the company has been looking to retrieve their lost asset, and through a combination of luck and sheer desperation TJ has avoided them, never settling down, never carrying more than the clothing on his back and a personal computer. This is not the life of exploration and learning that he wished it to be, and TJ has come to one finite conclusion. If he ever wishes to have a real life, then he’s going to have to die.

TJ Michaels

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