Penny Sanchez

Capable former US soldier released from service after a failed international military unit.


Warrior 5
STR +1 DEX +2 CON +1 INT +2 WIS +1 CHA 0


Init +2 Dodge 23 Parry 22

Climb +6, Computers +9, Disable Device +9, Drive +8, Jump +6, Know (Streetwise) +5, Know (Tactics) +9, Medicine +9, Notice +12, Search +7, Stealth +12, Survival +5

Armor Training, Firearms Training, Improved Strike, Weapon Training, Tough 2, Point Blank Shot, Attack Focus [Machine Pistols], Attack Specialization [Machine Pistols], Precise Shot, Greater Attack Focus [Machine Pistols], Greater Attack Specialization [Machine Pistols], Quick Draw, Bullseye, Far Shot, Tireless, Improved Critical [Machine Pistols]

Machine Pistol +16 +5 damage 19-20/x3
Assault Rifle +14 +5 damage 20/x3


Like many young people, Penny joined the military out of desperation. She excelled and eventually was chosen as a U.S. representative in a multi-national military unit. When the unit failed due to the poor training and discipline of most other soldiers, the unit was dissolved. The U.S. government decided to do as most of the poorer nations were forced to do and released Penny and her American comrades from their service obligation. This would not have been such a problem had the unit not been out on the fringe of known space when the dissolution happened. Penny decided to take her separation pay – enough to purchase transport halfway back to Earth – and purchase transport to the nearest colony, Roarke Colony (Bermuda), pocketing the rest.

Penny Sanchez

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