Konrad Wulff

Cynical, industrious corporate troubleshooter on the lam.


Expert 6
STR 0 DEX +1 CON 0 INT +4 WIS +1 CHA +2
Init +8 Dodge 19 Parry 15

Bluff +11 Computers +13 Craft (Electronic) +11 Diplomacy +11 Disable Device +12 Diplomacy +4 Know (Business) +12 Know (Technology) +12 Notice +10 Search +13 Sense Motive +10 Sleight of Hand +8 Stealth +10

Improved Initiative, Point Blank Shot, Speed of Thought, Fascinate, Firearms Training, Eidetic Memory, Canny Dodge, Uncanny Dodge, Defensive Roll, Precise Shot

Machine Pistol +5 +3 damage 20/x3


Konrad was a well-educated, middle-class German with little patience for the labyrinthine and uncertain conventional career paths of government and corporations. Instead, he decided to focus on operating as a free agent, hiring out to whomever had the most to offer at the time. For years, he enjoyed moderate success, enough to purchase an edge—genetic tailoring for an already-sharp mind. With success and a heightened intellect came a willingness to take risks, and after falling for fellow corporate spy Mariel Sayed, Konrad found himself the victim of one of his own convoluted double cross schemes. Konrad had to flee the larger market until things cooled sufficient for his return. He chose the backwater planet known as Bermuda, which turned out to have been named for the mysterious “triangle” where people disappeared near the tropic island rather than the island itself.

Konrad Wulff

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