Jacque Negron

Former special forces, medical doctor.


Jacque Negron, M, 42. Former Delta Force operative, he was part of the Medical Detachment and also did a stint in the Operational Support Platoon.

Born in Seattle, Washington, his Mother is Indian, and father is a Criollo (European Mexican). A bright child, Jacque excelled in his classes, however the life of corporate servitude did not have same lure for it as most people. Against the wishes of his parents, he entered the U.S. Army. Already at an advantage being tri-lingual (Spanish, Indian, and English), he was placed on a fast-track OCS program. He completed OCS with top marks, lecturing in several linguistic classes during his training. He began picking up languages as a hobby, mastering them in a remarkably short period of time. During OCS, his fellow classmates nicknamed him “Babel” for his seemingly endless torrent of cursing he could dispense in a multitude of languages. During his first period of enlistment, Jacque earned a reputation for his deadly close combat fighting skills as well as impressive acrobatic skills. (A nickname of “Jacque-y Chan” floated about when members of his unit found out he learned Chinese.) During his second enlistment, Jacque completed his medical degree and was shifted between the Medical Detachment for Delta and their Operational Support Platoon. His ability to blend into a crowd made him indispensable for recon work and his medical training placed him in great demand with both units. All this should have spelled a meteoric carreer for Jacque, but his one major weakness was his inability to play politics, a fatal flaw in the military or any bureaucracy. Jacque never advanced farther than a first lieutenant despite a fearsome record. He was bounced from Delta to IB, then back to the regular army for all manner of assignments. By the end of his third enlistment, Jacque decided to get out – he had taken as much as he could from the Army, and the Army had taken all it could from him. Afterwords, he would curse his eidetic memory which allowed him to remember every last detail of his experiences.

His leave from the Army was half retirement, half court martial. Although they allowed him to leave voluntarily, it was intimated that there would be severe consequences should he reveal any of the classified material in his head. This was the final slap in the face. A distinguished career and loyalty to the service culminated in his treatment as a traitor.

Using his money, Jacque decided that he had enough Earth, and headed out past the Oort Cloud into deep space, hoping it would hold a new life for him.

Jacque is a whipcord slender man, who tend to dress very ordinarily and fades into the background – both a tribute to his stealthiness and his any-face appearance he inherited from the blending of his parents’ genes.

Jacque Negron

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